Welcome to "My Little Black Book of Rome" - your insider's guide to curating the perfect Roman holiday. If you're here, I'm guessing you're dreaming up a trip to Rome and you're looking for those little nuggets of wisdom that leave you with a different experience of Rome. A Rome that isn't as all the tourists know it. As a destination wedding photographer based in Australia and Italy, I've had the privilege of exploring the many edges of this incredible city.

It helps that I have an Italian husband who has shown me the real side of Rome, and I can tell you, after having seen it as a younger tourist over the years it really is worth knowing where to go. I love wandering by myself through cobblestone stoned streets and stumbling spontaneously across hole-in-the-wall bars or locales, but sometimes, you just need some solid recommendations to get you started. Having had enough questions from friends, followers and family over the past year, I've decided to write a little black book, which I intend to add to and keep updated as the years go by, so that you can experience Rome in the best way possible.

This list is not about tourist attractions and will not go in depth about what museums or art you need to see. There are far more credible people with better blogs you can find on that topic, but what you will find here are my top places to dine, drink and stay in Rome. And if you're planning a special event like a wedding or elopement in Rome, I've got some tips from behind the scenes for you too. So whether you're visiting for the first time or looking for new experiences in Rome, let "My Little Black Book of Rome" be your guide.

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The Roman Diet: where to eat

I don't think I need to give an introduction to how great the food can be in Rome. The hardest part is knowing where to go and deciding to what to eat. From traditional dishes that have been passed down through generations to modern interpretations that push culinary boundaries, Rome offers something for everyone. Here are my recommendations:


This place is as Roman as it gets. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu, but trust me, try the Cacio e Pepe.

More info here.

Roscioli salumeria

A deli (Salumeria) turned restaurant and wine bar, this little hole in the wall near the Trevi fountain will not lead you astray. The hospitality, the food and the wine... it's a perfect way to break up your day of sightseeing or shopping and will have you coming back to try more. The Rigatoni is particularly good. Book here.

La Matriciana 1870 Restaurant

Classic Roman dishes have been served here for literally hundreds over years. La Matriciana 1870 pays homage to the traditional flavors of Rome, serving up authentic dishes like l'amatriciana (my husband's favourite!). Paired a glass of red, you're in for a treat. Find out more here.

Al Pompiere Restaurant

Discover the secret behind Al Pompiere's famous tiramisu, hailed as the best in the city. That's a big statement, I know. But this cozy restaurant not only serves up delicious Roman cuisine but also provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. Indulge in their homemade pastas and regional wines while enjoying the friendly service. Book here.

Osteria der Belli Restaurant

I don't need to say more than homemade pastas and regional wines. This family-run restaurant embraces tradition and offers a menu filled with classic Roman dishes. Try their supplì, a fried rice ball with a gooey mozzarella center. More info here.

È Passata La Moretta Restaurant

Indulge in a romantic dinner by candlelight at È Passata La Moretta, known for its genuinely amazing and intimate atmosphere. This hidden gem offers a menu that combines traditional Roman flavors with contemporary techniques. Get lost in their carefully curated wine list and soak up every minute of it.

Da Enzo al 29

Venture to Trastevere for a taste of real Roman charm. It gets super crowded here, so ideally you can make it sometime during the week outside of peak hours during the weekend. Get the carbonara or cacio e pepe. More info here.


Da Teo, which is very close to Da Enzo, is a very popular restaurant in Rome, but for good reason. Try and book ahead and you can't go wrong with any of their pastas.

La Campana

Can you believe this is literally 500 years old? It is incredible—the pasta, polpette and desserts are a must try.

Drinking Spots

L’Angolo Divino and Caffè Perù are great aperitivo spots near central Campo dei Fiori.

La Quercia: Chic little neighborhood spot just off Piazza Farnese

For a martini, Camponeschi on Piazza Farnese!

Ciampini is where local Romans like to share aperitivo.

Buon appetito!

where to stay

I've always loved staying in Trastevere rather than the more central "touristy" areas, but whether you're looking for luxury or boutique accomodation, you can't go wrong with the list below.


A Renaissance palace tucked away in a quiet neighborhood. This architectural gem showcases beautiful frescoes, intricate moldings, and stunning courtyards. Take a guided tour to learn about its fascinating past and immerse yourself in the grandeur of Italian art and culture.


Experience the charm of Trastevere's oldest watermill, now converted into a cultural space known as Il Mulino di Trastevere. This hidden gem houses art exhibitions, live performances, and workshops, providing a platform for local artists to showcase their talent. Explore the mill's rustic interiors, admire contemporary artworks, and indulge in the vibrant creative atmosphere.


Indulge in luxury at Villa Spaletti Trivelli, a historic villa-turned-hotel featuring lush gardens and exquisite artworks. Located near the Quirinal Palace, this elegant retreat offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city streets. Relax by the poolside surrounded by greenery or pamper yourself with a spa treatment. Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of this hidden oasis.


Experience luxury and elegance at this 5-star hotel located near Piazza del Popolo. The hotel's stunning garden oasis provides a tranquil escape from the bustling city, while its proximity to iconic landmarks allows for easy exploration of Rome's rich history and culture.


Enjoy panoramic views of Rome from the rooftop terrace of Hotel Hassler, situated atop the Spanish Steps. This historic hotel exudes timeless sophistication and offers impeccable service, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a truly memorable Roman holiday.


Discover timeless charm at Hotel Eden, known for its impeccable service and Michelin-starred restaurant. Nestled in the heart of Rome, this luxurious hotel combines classic elegance with modern amenities, providing a sophisticated haven for discerning travelers.


For those who desire an opulent experience immersed in nature, Aldrovandi Villa Borghese is an excellent choice. This grand hotel situated in one of Rome's most beautiful parks offers a serene retreat with its lush surroundings and top-tier amenities.

Hotel Santa Maria

I would always recommend Trastevere, particularly if you're looking for a more charming and relaxed setting. Hotel Santa Maria, nestled in this picturesque area, provides a cozy and intimate stay with its rustic charm and personalized service.

getting married in rome?

Rome is always a good idea for a wedding. The cobblestones, piazzas and intimate venues make it such a perfect setting for weddings and elopements. The city's timelessness and rich architecture offer you something that no other place can offer. It's almost hard to take a bad photo in Rome. If you're dreaming up a city wedding or elopement, here are some beautiful locations you should consider:

Hotel Mediterraneo

Host a grand wedding reception at this iconic hotel, featuring Art Deco architecture and panoramic views of the city skyline. The elegant rooftop terrace provides a stunning backdrop for ceremonies, while the luxurious interiors offer a sophisticated setting for celebrations. Whether you're planning an extravagant affair or an intimate gathering, Hotel Mediterraneo can cater to your needs.

Villa Spaletti Trivelli

As mentioned above, there is a beautiful garden in Villa Spaletti Trivelli which creates an intimate and unforgettable experience for couples and their guests.


Discover a sanctuary of understated luxury in the heart of the city's most fashionable district. With bespoke interiors, a serene rooftop terrace, and impeccable hospitality, this boutique hotel is a testament to Italian chic.


Step into a world of sophistication at this boutique hotel on Via Condotti, curated by the iconic Ferragamo family. Each suite is a masterpiece of style and comfort, offering personalized services and breathtaking views of Rome's iconic skyline.



As a wedding photographer, I feel privileged to be able to capture love stories in Rome, and all across Italy. Every event is unique, filled with raw emotions and genuine connections. Through my lens, I strive to capture not just poses but genuine moments – a subtle glance, a shared laugh, a sneaky grin – that reflect people in love, in the moment. In my experience, these photographs become more than just images; they become a time portal back to where you were in that moment.

As we come to the end of our journey through the enchanting city of Rome, I hope this insider's guide has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration for your upcoming Roman holiday. From must-visit attractions and delectable culinary experiences to hidden gems and top-notch accommodations, this comprehensive guide has curated a truly memorable experience for you.

But remember, Rome is a city that thrives on curiosity and adventure. While this guide offers a wealth of recommendations, don't be afraid to explore beyond its pages. Allow yourself to get lost in the winding streets, stumble upon charming trattorias, and discover secret corners that only the locals know. If you're planning a special occasion in Rome, such as a wedding or elopement, I invite you to reach out for a consultation. As a destination wedding photographer based in Australia and Italy, I would be thrilled to capture your love story against the backdrop of Rome.

Arrivederci e buon viaggio!