Thinking of getting married in Italy, but have NO idea where to start?

You're in the right place!

If you've ever dreamed of an elegant, intimate or extravagant wedding in the heart of Europe, Italy is no doubt at the top of your list. I don't need to tell you about the captivating landscapes, rich cultural heritage and tradition, or La Dolce Vita, because Italy is known internationally for its amazing hospitality. For expats and foreigners planning a wedding in Europe, Italy has become a top destination for couples looking to get away and plan a once-in-a-lifetime event with their closest friends and family.

In this blog post, I'll guide you through the key things to know when planning a Destination Wedding in Italy, and also help my Australian friends avoid common pitfalls and challenges that can arise when arranging an Italian wedding.

Location & Language

Italy offers a wide array of beautiful locations, each with its unique charm. However, be cautious of popular tourist destinations during peak seasons. Overcrowding can detract from the intimacy of your special day. Consider lesser-known but equally stunning locations for a more private experience.

Language can be a common challenge in Italy, especially if you're not fluent in Italian. Potential language barriers can create a lot of problems if you cannot understand each other. I would always recommend hiring vendors that can assist on this front, such as a wedding planner who can help you navigate the language gap (and a wedding photographer who knows the intricacies of the people and places there is a bonus!). As an Australian who has learned Italian and lived in Italy, I know first hand just how powerful it can be when you can finally communicate in their language. I feel this adds a huge sense of ease and calm to couples when booking a wedding photographer for a destination wedding in Italy.

Legal Requirements

While getting married in Italy is a romantic endeavor, navigating the legal requirements can be challenging. Some regions may have complex bureaucracy, so make sure to start the paperwork well in advance and consider seeking assistance from a local wedding planner. For example, if you're thinking of a Destination Wedding in Milan, luckily like the rest of Italy, it doesn't have a residency requirement for foreign couples looking to get married.

You can plan your destination wedding without living in Milan, but you'll need to obtain a "Nulla Osta" from your home country's embassy. This document certifies that you are legally free to marry and is often subject to various requirements, including proof of identity, nationality, and marital status. Both parties typically need to provide valid passports, Birth certificates, with an Apostille for international use (an Apostille is a form of authentication), A "Certificate of No Impediment" (Nulla Osta) as mentioned earlier. An Atto Notorio, which is a sworn affidavit made before an Italian Consular official in your home country. You may also need to provide divorce certificates if applicable. So you see, it's not as simple legally to do it in Italy, and because of this, some couples like to do the legal bit in their home country before or after the wedding in Italy.

Season and Weather

Italy has different climatic conditions depending on the time of year and location. Spring is a delightful time for an Italian wedding. The weather is mild, with blooming flowers and lush landscapes, creating a romantic backdrop for any wedding in most parts of the country. The countryside of Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast come to life in the spring, offering stunning vistas for your wedding photos. The pleasant weather makes outdoor ceremonies and receptions a popular choice. Then there's Autumn in Italy - which is a season of charm and an amazing food!

The weather remains pleasant well into September and October, allowing you to enjoy outdoor ceremonies without dying of heat exhaustion. Weddings in Tuscany and Umbria offer picturesque landscapes with vineyards and olive groves, ideal for a fall wedding. Additionally, autumn is harvest season, meaning you can indulge in seasonal Italian cuisine at its finest. In general though, keep in mind that extreme heat in the summer or unpredictable weather in the winter can impact your plans. Always have a backup indoor option or a contingency plan in case of adverse weather conditions.

Cultural Traditions

While embracing Italian culture is a wonderful idea, it's important to communicate your preferences and expectations clearly. Sometimes, local customs may differ from your own, so discussing these in advance can prevent misunderstandings. As an example, an Italian wedding planner may expect that you'll want to offer a bomboniere - a small, often intricately designed gift given to wedding guests as a token of appreciation. In Italian tradition, these favors typically contain five sugared almonds (confetti) to symbolise health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and long life. Another example, in a lot of Italian regions, including Tuscany, a Unity Candle ceremony is performed during the wedding. The bride and groom each light a candle and then use their individual flames to light a single, larger candle, symbolising their union. So these are all things to consider based on where you're getting married and who is planning your wedding!

Finding the Perfect Photographer for Your Italian Wedding

Choosing the right photographer to capture your special day in Italy is crucial. Imagine going to all the effort to plan everything right, and at the end of it you couldn't click with your photographer, or you weren't happy with the photography afterwards? Honestly, the photo albums are all that's left after the big day, and you cannot take the opportunity to capture this day lightly. Here are some tips to find the perfect wedding photographer while also optimizing for Australians looking for photography services in Italy:

Start Early: Wedding photographers in popular destination locations like Italy get booked quickly. Begin your search as soon as possible to secure your top choice.

Research: Look for photographers with experience shooting weddings in Italy. Read reviews, browse portfolios, and ask for recommendations from locals or destination wedding planners. As I mentioned before, a Destination Wedding Photographer who can speak your language and Italian is ideal! You need to know how to communicate clearly with each other, and even more, develop a connection with each other and your vendors.

Style Matters: Each photographer has a unique style. Do you prefer candid, documentary-style photography, or do you lean more towards classic and posed shots? Find a photographer whose style aligns with your vision. For me, I love bright, airy images with a documentary/film style. It ages well, reminds you of how you felt (not just what it looked like) and always looks stunning!

Communication is Key: Since you may not meet your photographer in person until the big day, effective communication is vital. Make sure your photographer is responsive and understands your vision for your wedding.

Budget: While it's important to invest in a talented photographer, be mindful of your budget. Consider what's included in the package, such as the number of hours, location options, and any additional services like engagement photos or photo albums.

Schedule a Video Call: To bridge the distance and time zones, schedule a video call with potential photographers. This allows you to get to know them better and discuss your expectations.

Local Knowledge: A photographer who is familiar with the location can provide insider tips and access to hidden gems for stunning photos.

Looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer?

Although I'm Australian, Italy feels like my second home. Having lived there, met my husband there, and learned the language, I feel very more connected to the country and it's amazing people.

But I know Italy can be daunting, and you can easily have a terrible trip if you fall into tourist traps or miss out on the hidden gems around the cities. Knowing the little places to go, how to plan an itinerary that is unique and different and how to communicate with locals makes ALL of the difference when planning your wedding.

That's why I'm proud to offer myself up as Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy, helping lovers who adore Italy as much as me have one less thing to worry about with a seamless, easy and fun photography experience.

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