behind the lens

Your Wedding photographer

I'm Daina Hazel, an Australian destination wedding photographer based between Australia & Italy. I'm grateful you're considering inviting me into your world to photograph your story, just like a guest with a camera, collecting your moments in an artful way so that you have something to hold onto and look back on. My aim, once you're all booked in, is to guide you through each step in your wedding preparations, so that when the day arrives, you'll be ready to let go and create incredible memories.


A mentor once told me: some photographers are directors; some are collectors. It stuck with me, because I realised that am a collector of memories and moments as they come. I believe that my best work originates when the emotions are honest and real, and so my goal is for you to trust me to shoot your wedding as though I'm on the inside - a guest with a camera - capturing everything that's going on around you.

Having been a bride myself, I know that the photography is the only tangible thing that lasts after the day is over, so it's something worth doing right. I'm not going to be your cheapest option, but if you're looking for a photographer that will collect and preserve your wedding moments, celebrate you two for who you are and deliver a service that allows you to enjoy the journey, then I'd love to hear from you.

I invite you to enquire now to see what we can create together.

a little more...

Having grown up in Australia, Singapore, London and the US, I caught the travel bug early on. Moving schools, making new friends, experiencing new cultures, saying goodbyes... my childhood was full of change. After finishing school, I was set on working in the creative industries, then after a year at university, I changed my mind and ended up studying law because I felt like a challenge.

Years later, before discovering my passion for photography, I found myself in a career as a corporate lawyer in London, Singapore and Australia. But in that career, I'd always felt that some part of me was missing. Like I wasn't being the real me. After making it to a top firm in London, I knew it wasn't right, so I quit. I packed up my bags and went on some solo travel around Europe, working as a sommelier in Austria, an English teach in Italy and then all the way back to lawyering again in Singapore and Australia. It wasn't until 2022 after living in Milan and meeting my Italian husband that I finally picked up a camera and started my journey of photography.

After recently getting married, Lorenzo and I now live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia and work between Australia and Italy doing what we love to do: creating art, new memories and connecting with others. You wouldn't think being a lawyer helps when you're a photographer, but when it comes to handling stress and organisation, I've got you. My favourite part of shooting weddings is capturing the smaller, intimate moments and memories that I know people can hold onto for years to come. When we work together, you'll spend less time guessing or wondering what to do in front of the camera, and more time focusing on what matters: the moment.