Elena & Daniel

Rome, August 2024

Based on our chat, I've prepared two final quotes for you below, together with some info and an example timeline of how things might work for you both. Of course, if you have any questions or want to make any changes, please just let me know and we can adjust as needed.

The festa: 8-hour package
  • 8-hour Wedding Coverage (Digital and polaroid) + plus 35mm Film
  • Sneak Peek Images (at least 25 images within 48 hours) and all polaroid images
  • At least 450 High Resolution Digital Images + 35mm Film
  • Travel + Accomodation fee included: €250
  • Inclusions contained in price guide.
  • Additional hours if requested at €250p/h

TOTAL: AU$5,950.00 | €3,600.00

The wedding weekend
  • 8-hour Wedding Coverage (Digital and polaroid) + plus 35mm Film
  • 8-hours pre and/or post-wedding to capture welcome parties or recovery days
  • Sneak Peek Images (at least 45 images within 48 hours) and all polaroid images
  • At least 650 High Resolution Images + 35 mm Film
  • Travel + Accomodation fee: €400
  • Inclusions contained in price guide.

TOTAL: AU$9,500.00 | €5,750.00

A typical timeline

ceremony time of 3:30pm

Standard 8 hours of coverage




1pm to 2:30pm

Getting Ready

During this time, I can divide my time between both the bride and groom, or just the bride and the bridal party (if there is one) and capture all of the beautiful little details and excitement leading up to the ceremony. I love this bit. Energy, nerves, excitement all bundled into one beautiful set of photos before the big reveal.

2:30Pm to 3:00pm


We'll make preparations to get to the venue and I'll capture the bridal party arriving and little details at the ceremony.

3:30pm to 4:15pm


I'll be trying not to cry capturing all of your little emotions in the vows, the emotions of your family and friends and then the I DO! I really love photos when rose petals or confetti is thrown, it makes for amazing photos.

4:15pm to 4:45pm

Celebrations & Cocktail Hour

Depending on how big or small your wedding is this, can be flowy and flexible.

4:45PM TO 5:30PM

Family & Friends

When it comes to family photos, I'm all about the smaller groups, intimate hugs, cheeky grins and laughs with each of your loved ones. Of course the bigger group shots celebrating you all are great too, they just take a little more effort and planning! So whichever way you want to go, we can get a short shot list together of the photos you know you'd love to have beforehand and assign a family/friend to help corral people at the right moment!  

5:30PM TO 6:00PM

Couple Shots

After all the kisses, tears and hugs (and family shots if you're wanting them), we can escape somewhere for a few moments to document just the two of you. It can be fun to bring along a bottle of Prosecco, go for a walk or find an amazing view to enjoy some time just you two (probably the only time on your wedding day!). I'll be there to get it all for you to remember.  



Time for the party! This is also one of my favourite times when everyone starts to let their hair down. I'll be focused on getting shots of the action, the speeches and all the bits in between. If there are specific things that you really want me to focus on, we can chat when we catch up! Also, the best time to feed your photographer is when you're all eating and then I'll get back to it after I'm recharged and ready for the cake and dancing!


Photography Finishes

Once the photography ends, I keep going! I'll get working on some sneaky peeks to give you within 48 hours so you're ready to spread the love and share the joy with your friends, family and on socials!